Wednesday, May 03, 2006

my name is rachel and i am a diet coke head.


okay, so i don't know if you've noticed that there is a WAR against soda, and this includes diet soda. if it's on oprah it's BIG. and folks, it was on oprah. i heard everybody standing around the watercooler of life talking about it. ever since then every local news program talks about it before dealing with whatever fire or murder that took place in new jersey. (have you noticed how much shit goes on in jersey?)

apparently they tested two groups of lab rats, one group had drops of real sugar in their water and the other group had sugar substitute in theirs and when it came time to eat, the fake sugared rats ate more than the true blue sugared rats. so now diet soda is making us eat more. not like we're eating green salads and miso soup and then after ordering the diet coke we feel the need to pack it in.

we're the ones drinking the diet coke for a reason.

i mean, how many times have you ordered a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake and then had the NERVE to come out with and i'll have a diet coke please.

you might as well ask for some crisco with a straw because at that point it really doesn't matter.

so diet coke or no diet coke, it's the food we need to change. not to mention that diet products give you cancer and other things they have no cure for. right? is that what they say?

they're taking away soda in the nyc public schools. this, i think, is a good idea. see, i'm not against the people who are against soda. i know it's bad on so many levels.

i think what i'm upset about is that i already have to cut down on so much in my diet--(although i have yet to really put this into effect)-- can't i just please have my cold, bubbly diet soda?

as james brown said, "I'M MAD! I DON'T KNOW KARATE BUT I KNOW KA-RAZY!"

it's cool. i'll get over it. summer's coming. time for iced tea anyway.

whole grains and chazzy,

PS-- you know julie wants that job...


Blogger meganjowilson said...

You are gorgeous. Look at you. Do you have any idea that my favorite body parts on you are:
1. lips
2. belly
3. eyes
4. arms
5. soft hands

You move with such style and grace. You are perfect. Perfect. Perfection.


PS- Diet coke is the least of our worries in today's GD society. I have been using Splenda on everything and loving it. Fuck it. I eat whole grains AND Splenda. Top that...stop that...I don't really give a (-pause-) about that.

Also, my friend is Ruby and she has perfect hair...which she hates.

We're all crazy.

7:34 PM  

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