Thursday, April 06, 2006

i heart monica lewinsky

it's the truth. and excuse me but how hot does she look in this picture? don't EVEN pretend like you don't see it.

back when monica was in the news every single second of every single day, i found myself routing for her. she was so demonized for what she did. well, excuse me but you would've done it, too. i know for sure i would have. i know for sure if i ran into bill clinton in an elevator tomorrow i'd be monica #2. in a heartbeat. don't even get me started on how criminally i think our nation treated her. i was disgusted. i couldn't comprehend the abuse.

monica is my homie.

when i went to mexico in 2001 my host family papa called me monica because i was gordita and he thought monica and i shared a look. well yeah, i said in english and therefore to myself, we're chubby jews.

i honestly hope to meet monica one day and collaborate on a book or something. i think we could really get along. i want to make sure she's okay after all the abuse she took. i want to tell her, monica, you are a rockstar. you are my hero. you are such a badass for all that you've been through. i'm gonna meet her soon. i can feel it.

i wonder what monica's up to these days. i know she's a real smarty pants so i'm sure she's doing well. last i heard she was living in the west village making bags. i think the west village is good for monica. i hope her gay boyfriends are taking good care of her and buying her lychee martinis bi-weekly.

i've often wondered how the clinton/lewinsky scandal would have been different had monica been thin instead of zaftig. would she have been attacked so ferociously? i seriously doubt it. she was such a great scapegoat. such an easy target. it's so much easier to disrespect women who are overweight-- because i think the general consensus is that women who are overweight don't respect themselves so much to begin with.

not me, yo. i got mad respect. one love, rachy pachy. go girl. it's your birthday. have a party. gonna party like it's your birthday. gonna drink bacardi like it's your birthday.

anyway, love to you monica if you're out there. i'm sure you're reading this blog. you and your fellas and your lychee martinis.

whole grains and chazzy,


Blogger Wicked Wanda said...

I've always felt bad for Monica and I've always though she was kind of hot. My girlfriend doesn't see it, but we aren't attracted to the same girls anyway. :)
I like the dark hair soft butch girls and she likes the blondes.
Opposites attract and all that.
It what makes the world go around. :)

5:25 AM  
Blogger Wicked Wanda said...

BTW....that's why I think Julie is a total cutie!!
I'm taking my girl to Old Navy tomorrow. haha

5:26 AM  

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