Wednesday, March 25, 2009

we do NOT need to see a real woman.

so, what is going on here?  on the left we have the utterly hideous kim kardashian PRE AIRBRUSHING.  on the right is the airbrushed version that the masses can swallow without puking.  

i can't even believe they let this leak.  

opposite day, by the way.  

it's really crazy that the picture on the left is something that needs to be FIXED.  

also, by the way they LIGHTENED HER SKIN.  there are so many things wrong with this on so many levels, it makes me embarrassed to be human. 

xo rach

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

last summer's interpretive dance to ani difranco. very deep. and very ballsy to post, if you don't mind my saying so.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

dubs dubs reunion with helga

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


have i mentioned that i'm jewish? don't let this little angel here fool you.  

so, we're post fat camp.  post 1200 calories a day.  post 4 hours of working the ass off (as if i had an ass to work off.  damn.) and post other people telling you what to do, how to do it, what to eat and how to eat it.  

so, home is hard.  not as hard as i thought it might be-- but there are decisions to be made all the time. those are the things that really get you.  

life would really be easier if we didn't have so much damn choice.  the thing that makes life so wonderful, this right we have as human beings, the thing that we use to create our fate all day long is really a pain in the ass.  fuckin choice, man, you're so tricky.  

so, let's talk about choice (baby, let's talk about you and me let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be let's talk abouuuut choice).  you can look at choices and they can become so big, so important.  like, for instance, tonight a few of us ordered thai food for dinner, including a barrel of rice and chicken and vegetables drowned in sauce.  i had two bowls.  just went back to the counter to fill my bowl again.  cuz it was so damn good.  

so now i sit here now drowning in my guilt.  instead of looking at all the good choices i make, instead of looking at my hour workout today, instead of looking at the whole picture, all i see is a bucket of rice and chicken and vegetables and sauce.  lots of sauce.  

here's the tricky part-- i have a choice to make now.  it's not over.  what's done is not done. either i can just say, okay, whatever, move on, tomorrow is a new day... or... i can get caught up in what a failure i am because of this one dinner.  

how is it okay for us to abuse ourselves so hard??  it's just too easy.  why is that a choice we make so often.  why is that an easier choice to make?

okay, just wanted to get a little of that out.  work it through.  put it out there.  stick it to ya. sock it to ya.  put that in your pipe and smoke it.  food for thought.  yes, that feels right.  it's always about food. 

next time i will tell you about my new muscles.  that's more of the vibe i'm going for here. positivity and muscles.  

xo rachel

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


okay, it's been a while.  

it's hard to write here when i'm not feeling particularly proud of my accomplishments.  it's hard to write when i'm not even finding things funny.  i was getting really sick of not making forward motion, sick of standing still, sick of feeling stuck in my skin, heavy in my body and i was sick of not getting why i wasn't doing anything about it.  

well, i went to fat camp.  they probably wouldn't be too thrilled with me calling it that, but let's just call it what it is, shall we?  i went to mother fuckin fat camp.  MFFC.  

i went for 2 weeks to hilton head, south carolina-- for me, this is the deep south.  i stayed on a frickin' frackin' plantation complete with golf course, alligators, turtles, tall birds, palm trees, devout christians and republicans-- all equally foreign things to me.  

i rode my bike a mile every morning to the main building where i had my breakfast of oatmeal, strawberries, bananas, flax seed and soy milk.  i am not the oatmeal type of lady and i loved it there.  not bringing that tradition home with me though.  as much as i've liked eating oatmeal, i am not a fan of cooking it.  the hardest labor during breakfast has got to be pouring from boxes. at least on the weekdays.  

then, we had 4 hours of exercise per day (optional) and 2 lectures on topics like meal planning and food and traveling (also optional-- but really, why are we at fat camp if not to learn everything we can?).   so, i was working my ass off-- cardio boxing, eliptical-ing, zumba dancing (amazing), yoga-ing, swimming, weight training, pilates training, biking alllll over the plantation (still can't get over that one), and generally having a ball.  

the meals were delicious and clean and whole grainy and fresh-- so fresh and so clean clean clean.  i left feeling like a million bucks.  a sad pile of a million bucks. 

it's hard to leave camp.  don't you remember?  you make a whole bunch of buddies, you have inside jokes, you get close to people in 2 seconds because you are basically meeting them with your heart stapled onto your sleeve, you skip ahead like dog years, have shared experiences, historical, emotional and fat camp-icle.  i did so much cracking up i think i have a six pack just from laughing.  

some things i learned at fat camp:

when you're in a situation like a party, where there's a big delicious spread, or even out to dinner, there's unwise, better, best-- there's always a choice.  you're not always gonna make the perfect decision but you can be totally unwise, better or best.  it's helpful. 

nutrition is 70% of weight loss-- so don't think you can just work out and it'll melt off.  nutirition is the key, y'all.  

y'all is a really great thing to say (which i already knew because of my friend paige).

if you must have pasta or rice, fill a lot of the space in the bowl with vegetables.  pack that shit in and you can have a large meal, a crowded plate, a full belly.  

also, brown rice pasta is slammin'. 

don't scratch alligators under their chins.  they don't like it. 

that's all for now.  i'll be back.  i've got to be.  i owe it to my country. 

i lost 10lbs in case you're wondering.  challah!

love to love to love ya, 

Thursday, January 17, 2008

check out julie!

Monday, January 14, 2008

ay yay yay

okay, so sorry but i had to take down the video blog. it was too embarrassing. shout out to gogo who was probably the only person to watch it.

i'll be back soon. without a cold, and maybe a few more levels of brain power.

sorry for the tease. sorry to all 3 of you.