Tuesday, February 28, 2006

and Introducing my fat cat LEVI.

So Here he is My other Obese ANimal. Levi. IS this normal? ALl the animals are fat, I'm fat, the only one that is not fat, is my tall thin wife, Nikola. She is thin. Sometimes I wonder, what's a thin girl like her doing with mushy tummies like me? She keeps saying she loves me no matter what and she is even into my body. How is that possible? I pretty much feel like Levi here. Big, Hairy, black, Poisse. And somehow this woman puts her hands on me without laughing and/or recoiling in disgust. Lucky me. Now, back to Levi. Levi is 15 years old. and after the age of 2. FAT. In his old age, levi pretty much lays around, eats, goes to the bathroom, and lays around. He is my mentor. Do you think Levi cares? Do you think Levi wonders "oh no, how do m y stomachs look in this shirt?" "Oh, is my back fat slipping out of my bra"? "Oh god I can't be on top or my stomachs will hit her in the face", "I can't wear this shirt, my boobs are going to blast it open in the middle of dinner:"" why can't I close this blazer, even though it's a men's" --too much info ---- ? NO! He is a big fat black cat who could give a shit, and all he wants out of life, is food, a bathroom and to be rubbed down. THis is not a bad way to look at the world. Maybe I need to be more like Levi? The Zen of levi. Then again Levi hasnt had sex his entire life. I need to rethink everthing, and make some popcorn.


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