Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Well, I am putting this CHUBBY pic for all to see. Rachel, I totally feel your CHUB story, and I am sure you totally had the hottest 6 year old love like ever...Reading your entry tonight, made me think I must share this picture. It disgusts me, it is horryfying. LOOK at my stomachs. This was just Saturday night at one of the biggest shows I have ever done in NYC. Literally people in the front row must be bruised. It is just sad. So, IF anyone out there has ever had their stomachs for 1300 people to look at, and now a few more, then let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Not to mention, I look trans. NOugh said. It's late. Is that PC? I don't care, and you know what else. IF you want to draw a picture of CHrist, Allah, Mohammed,Moses, and Buddha and Shiva Nitsu in a fuckfest with eachother's cocks up their asses I could give a shit. GET OVER IT! IF I can put my stomachs up here, you ( the general fundamentalist religious fuckheads) can deal with a cartoon of Mohammed or whatever the fuck god you prey to, and guess what, We're all still ok. I am still fat, you're still whatever religion you are and the ozone layer is still fucked. talk to your god about that one! Ok sorry, I know that I digressed., but Dealing with your stomachs and the fall of the new millenium is too much to bear. I am getting ready for Lipo.

Saalam Shalom
Julie JEW Goldman


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