Sunday, January 29, 2006

I think I'm getting Fatter

I am trying so hard. I am goin to the gym, I am not snacking., too much. But I feel like my stomachs are getting bigger. Is this possible? I was watching a show on TV yesterday and there was a whole segment on bad diets and good diets. Some Skinny Stick lady was describing each diet and why it worked. She said the best one was some sort of portion control diet. She said our portions shouldnt exceed a FIST. A FIST. I tried, and I have to admit, A fist, to me is like a snack. MY appetite requires a An arm and possibly a foot. Very depressing. I am going to try very hard to make myself go to the gym today, but it's Sunday and I would really rather lay around in my boxer shorts. But we gotta keep movin, Keep movin! I am looking into my closet, to see wat I'll wear today But the sad state of affairs dictates that I can only fit inot to 2 pairs of pants and a few fat shirts. I think it's time ot take out the tankini for inspiration. Maybe I need to see it.
Tankini Dreams!


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