Tuesday, January 24, 2006

breakfast part 2

whole grains. that's another key. yes, it is. just took otis (dog) for a walk and stopped at the bagel place as i sometimes/most times do to get some coffee and a bagel. but wait, i said to myself, you can't keep up this little walkin' otis-87 million caloried bagel coffee routine. but i walked in anyway because it's JUST THAT EASY to not listen to yourself.

usually the bagel place is swarming with customers and it's every man for himself, fighting tooth and nail to be next. rush rush rush. but today i walked in and it was just me and a couple of guys AY-YO, O-AYing with the counter guys.

"okay", i said, just marching up to the counter. " i'm fat, you guys. why am i here?" now, this is what i love about brooklyn folks. this is why i love new york and can't live anywhere else. "scooped out pumernickel, egg whites and a little turkey", one said. "yeah, but use the honey turkey, she'll love it," another one said. "yeah, and put lotsa pepper on it so it has some kick," said yet another one.

they all just hopped right on board helping me. people say new yorkers aren't nice. don't GET me started on that topic. new yorkers don't bullshit, that's all.

pumpernickel is a whole grain. just letting you know. this is, afterall, an educational blog of sorts. if you're gonna have bread, make it whole grain. pumpernickel, rye. might as well. lucky for me pumpernickel is my favorite. i used to not like it because that's what my grandma ate so i thought it was the old lady variety. but gram was right on. challah!

mantras are good. my mantra of the moment is "whole grains and oprah."

julie and i are gonna go on a 50 million mile walk with the dogs in prospect park. not to be a hippie, but the park is the best gym. it's just true.

whole grains and oprah,


Blogger zaftig said...

OH my god, Can we disucss how good that breakfast looks?
Bagel, Cream cheese, Lox, Oh MY. These are some of my favorite things. HOLLA. the fact is I love food. I admit it.

6:59 AM  
Blogger zaftig said...

yeah, food ain't so damn bad.

8:19 AM  

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