Wednesday, January 18, 2006


This is me. I admit it. I am not yet couragious enough to show my actual skin, I just cannot. But this is it, this is what needs to be changed. And I think I might even be heavier since this picture. Oh well. -- uhm, I am traveling currently. I am in Aspen Colorodo. First of all, Waking up at 5am is terrible for my regimine. Traveling food is so hard. I am also stuck in this hotel room blahblahexcuseexcuse. Needless to say I had Potato Chips, Goldfish, and A tuna fish salad sandwich. I am just sayin. Holla. Instead of just doin some sit ups in the hotel room I have been laying in the bed like a load. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Also, i want to admit, I am hungry all the time. I think part of my thing is going ot be controling the hunger. Accepting that I am going to feel hungry sometimes or at least the though of hunger and it needs to be controlled. So, I hope to eat a good dinner of California Rolls. even though thats fatty and WHite rice, but thats what I can afford tonight, and I am staying in....IS that lame by the way? I am in Aspen Colorodo, and I just want to lay in the bed. Go figure.


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