Friday, January 20, 2006


i am a psycho. seriously. just knowing that i have to chill out with portions and fat content and calories makes me want to rebel and eat my couch. i hate this shit. makes me really mad actually. even the slightest feeling of needing to be in control feels like obsession to me and i'm so not into being obsessed about food/my weight. i HATE THAT SHIT. i'm not even a terrible over eater. but this whole regime or regimeeeeeen, as julie says, is making me feel like a lunatic.

yesterday i worked at the bookstore and we were preparing for a party for the people who did the AIDS walk in DC. it was a huge spread-- falafel, salad, tabouleh, hummos, babaganough, beet salad, spanikopita, cookies, nuts-- and you KNOW i had to just sample everything.

i wish i was oprah. it would be so much easier if i was oprah. you know it's true.



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