Monday, January 23, 2006


So we went to the Y today to work out our stomachs. Now, Normally, I like the gym. I like working out. BUt recently I really much prefer sitting, laying down and smoking. My other vice. Smoking. I am really working hard at quitting that too. Damn. I went to the Y mca today looking for a hard ass work out and I could walk for more than 20 minutes on the treadmill. Maybe it's a start? For some reason, my brain can't accept this losing weight thing. I think about it every second, and yet for the life of me and for my entire life I havent been able to ecer truly finish the "new start" I begin. So, witht he help of this reality blog, I am hoping to be my own taslk show guest as Rachel stated and Oprah - ize my life. I am currently thinking about Doritos, and Steak as I prepare to go out for dinner with my wife and friends. I just have to remind myself of the Y today, of starting new, of the 20 minutes I was on that treadmill, the feeling of the body that is underneath this fat body that was running to break free through the blub. Maybe i'll have a smoke.

PS. MY chins are out of control. I am going to do this. I even feel like my hair is fat. Is that possible?


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