Monday, January 23, 2006

the GYM

okay folks. it's time. the gym calls. time to stop thinking of it as a box of stagnent, sweaty air. time to start thinking of it as the key, ya'll. the key. that, and grapefruit. kate says that a grapefruit a day will help. she's a nurse, so okay.

and by the WAY do not think for ONE MINUTE that i feel cool writing in this blog. i feel like a talk show guest. i feel like a daytime women's reality half hour. i feel fatter than i am while i'm writing this, on the couch, in my sweats, with my dog snoring beside me.

the thing that helps, possibly, is knowing that EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY. depending on when you're realizing this, it can be very comforting.

okay, time to put on cuter sweatpants and earrings. you never know who you're gonna meet at the gym.



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