Wednesday, January 25, 2006

celebrity fit club

more on this later-- but i just have to mention the absolute adoration i have for chastity bono. she is inching her way toward becoming my new oprah winfrey-esque inspiration. if chaz lived in the neighborhood with julie and me we would hike up the hilly terrain of prospect park, just us three and our dogs-- she hasta have a dog, right?-- and we'd cheer each other on while throwing frisbees to the dogs and running around with our bouncy, new, sensible sneakers. then we'd call cher on chaz's celly and she'd invite us over for green salads with frisee and chicken and fennel. then we'd have a dance party on the patio and cher would tell us all the hot goss and give us fancy illegal vitamins that help our metabolisms speed right up.

i'm just saying. it's not completely out of reach.

chazzy can ya hear me?

whole grains and oprah,


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