Sunday, January 29, 2006

vanessa huxtable

also known as tempestt bledsoe. also known as the sour puss of my favorite show, celebrity fit club. this saddens me. now, vanessa was never my favorite cosby kid. denise was. but isn't that obvi? my mom always said "it's so clear that the actress who plays vanessa wasn't rasied in new york. she has a distinct midwestern accent. bad casting. not believable." vanessa just didn't fit in. although the oldest cosby kid, sondra, made vanessa look like the actual fruit of cliff-n-claire's loins.

ANYway, even though vanessa wasn't my fave, she was part of the family, part of my thursday night line-up. so, as we practically grew up together, i have an undeniable spot for her in my heart. i'm rooting for tempestt bledsoe.

or am i? am i rooting only for vanessa-- the underdog, the kinda chubby middle child, the made up character who no longer exists except for on re-runs? that must be it. because tempestt is one snotty, attitudinal grown woman. it makes me wonder what vanessa would be like now? and do i want a reunion special or should we all just leave the huxtables where we left them?

maybe i'm too invested in the celebrities on celeb fit club. maybe i wanna feel like they are my brothers and sisters and that we are all in the same chubby sinking boat. i cry when i watch the show. I CRY, people. it just tugs on my overweight heart strings. and so watching tempestt acting so annoyed with the process makes me feel let down. it also makes me feel like, um, tempestt, do you even KNOW how good you have it? i'll take your place in a NEW YORK minute.

chaz, stay positive for me, girl.

whole grains and oprah,
rach, obese as ever by the way.


Blogger meganjowilson said...

Brilliant! Brilliant. I want more more more. This is toitally going to be a cult fave. I'm hooked. Completely hooked. I am coming down and we will have loads of healthy delicious meals with maybe a few rounds of apple crisp and rosemary crackers. challa.

4:49 AM  

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