Friday, February 03, 2006

viva la resistance!

no. no! it's over. the resistance phase is over. julie and i went on our walk yesterday with the dogs and discussed the fact that it's time to seriously get down to business. we have spent a week or two attempting this in our half assed way. but our stomachs are still very much livin' large and we still have to decide how to hide our rolls when we sit down. enough. that is not a way to live. however bad it feels now to do the work to lose the weight, it will feel exponentially better when we have energy and visable ribs.

is that the right use of the word "exponenitally"? you let me know.

everybody has their own idea about why people "stay overweight." like we're hiding our bodies because of some past trauma or we are control freaks out of control and this is the only thing we have left to take charge of. or, my favorite-- we don't want to be attractive for whatever reason. now, although i'm sure there are spots of truth in these hypothesisisisisisisises, i feel the need to say this loud and say this proud: um, YES, thank you very much, i would definitely LIKE to be attractive. hellooooo??

whatever our reasons are, the ones in our blood streams, the ones that are environmental, it almost doesn't matter, does it? what's the point in spending energy thinking about how we are scared of rejection so we eat our way to a place where at least we had control over why we were turned down by the WORLD blah blah mother frickin' blah. whatevs. gotta eat better. gotta excersize. neeexxt.

okay, hafta eat breakfast. hafta move. hafta get some buddha in my brain.

(i'm kind of mad at oprah right now so i'm switching to....)

whole grains and chazzy,


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