Saturday, February 11, 2006

coca-cola zero, pepsi one

julie and i went to target the other day and among my purchases was coca-cola zero. basically it's diet coke that tastes kinda like regular coke but doesn't say DIETon it. same as pepsi one. these DIET beverages are marketed towards men. because god forbid a man should immasculate himself and watch his weight. so men are protected from this deep, deep humiliation that women apparently don't feel.

incidentally, coca-cola zero is the shit.

also, i'd like to talk about julie's pets. her cat is obese. like jabba the hut obese. she needs to get that picture up. russell, the dog, could use stand to lose a few but i think he's sorta in the same category as julie and me. he needs some excersize and a little tweak to his diet.

i've been sick for a few days and my appetite hasn't been so great. do not even think for one minute that in the middle of my fever and chills i have not thought i hope at least i lose a few. that's just wrong.

okay, i'm gonna get back to my coca-cola zero and my orange and "never been kissed" starring the thin, but real bodied, drew barrymore. holla drew.

whole grains and chazzy,


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