Sunday, February 12, 2006

my arch nemmy

okay, i don't know which hideous one in the picture he is but i'm talking about gunnar nelson, the new guy on celebrity fit club. i can't staaaaaand him. he is absolutely what i hate HATE about the boys in school who i always had beef with. he is a show off, know it all, can't be wrong, snotty, higher than thou, insecure little piece of TURD. celebrity fit club, as you may know by now, is one of my favorite shows, one that makes me tear up. yes, you heard me. i've said it and i'll say it again-- this show MOVES me, people. but this gunnar nelson character-- he is just the pits. he makes me want to spend a whole day with tempestt bledsoe, skipping around like sisters. he is the boy i always felt the need to put in his place. if i met him on the street i would kick his lipo suctioned ass back into the 80's where he belongs. and really, did he even belong there? i think not.

screw you, gunnar nelson. and stop sucking in your stomach. like we don't see that...

thanks, cher, for--

whole grains and CHAZZY,


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