Friday, March 03, 2006

oink, oink.

so, i've noticed a bit of a pattern. or maybe it's a phenomenon. someone, please tell me what it's all about.

sometimes when i eat it makes me hungry. like, before the meal i was like, okay, it's time to eat, rachel. and then i take a bite of my sandwich and take the first spoonful of my soup and it releases some kind of seratonin or something and then i'm done and i want more. more, i tell you, more.

so i'm sitting in this new cafe and basically i've been trying to write but i've spent some of that writing time thinking about dessert and how delish it would be with a nice chai or something.

but listen up. i sat it out. and i'm not hungry. i'm over it. i just had to chill for a sec and not be so i m p u l s i v e. i am historically a very impulsive person. (i'm putting it in the past tense to try and trick my brain into believing it's a silly thing of my youth.) i think if i keep telling myself that i'm impulsive then i give myself permission to BE impulsive. damn. that's rough.

so there it is. a lesson.

whole grains and chazzy,


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