Saturday, March 18, 2006

when the moon hits your eye...

like a big pizza pie? or piece of pie? i'm never sure. either way, i'm sure that my face is the moon being referred to here. everytime i catch a glimpse i am actually surprised by its roundness and its size. and, as a narcissist, i am catching many a glimpse of my face.

at the moment i'm watching shakira shake shake what her mama gave her. holy hips. if you wanna know what belly i want, it's her's. not skinny. curvy. a woman. if MTV actually played videos i'd say go watch and wait for shakira to show up. i'm actually blown away by her belly. google it.

okay, face, stomach. what's next? let's discuss the ass. this is the only part of my body that i would like to make bigger. i'm telling you, folks, if i had a boomin' booty i would be shaking that thing all over town. i'd wear mini skirts and hope for the wind to blow it up. i would stick a hat in the back pocket of my tight jeans to call attention to my perfect apple bottom.

it would be so great to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and instead of my surprise belonging to my moon face, it would belong to my pride. i promise myself right now that that will happen. chubby pinky swear.

i think i'm gonna check out a nutritionist. get on track with knowledge, awareness, schedule. three very important things to have if you wanna lose weight. and feel grrreat.

tonight jen sat in the kitchen to keep me company while i cleaned. we listened to air supply's greatest hits and jen checked out my new book "guide to getting it on" recommended by my gyno. everyone should own one apparently. she's so right. it's teriffic, i tell you. and funny. great illustrations. we laughed, we learned, we laughed, we cried.

it's always so much easier to clean when someone's just there with you. just hanging out. i think it's the same for working out, losing weight, blah blah-ing. having a bud.

julie is out of commish this month and let me tell you, it's a lot harder to motivate by myself. it's just easier when someone's taking turns with you, dragging each other's asses about town. making healthy lunches. walking the mountainous terrain in the park with the dogs.

so basically i realize that this little adventure of tankini dreams has been going on for quite a while with little to no weight loss. this needs to change, if not for me then for the sake of this blog. for the sake of some sort of narrative arch. i mean, c'mon.

next post will be about a cruise and an actual tankini. seriously. just you wait and see.

i miss chaz.

if you're out there, buddygirl, keep on keepin' on.

whole grains and chazzy,


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