Wednesday, April 12, 2006

IT HAS BEEN A WHILE - I found the cure

Yes, it has been a while, a long time, time has passed, I have been away. While working on the rosie/logo show I have been unable to blog. Yes that is a cop out, sue me. I am easily distracted, easily bored and quite easily ad.d. anyway... The show was quite an experience and ironically how does this affect Tankini Dreams you ask? Well I lost 7 pounds under duress. Funny eh? So I am trying to keep up the momentum. I figure all of these crazy diets dont know shit. What they should be doing is keeping people under incredible amounts of pressure and stress and the pounds will melt away. This is my new plan, the new diet that really truly works. It's called The Rosie/Logo Pilot if you fail your fucked like a cheap hooker Diet. or you can call it, all your eggs are in this TV basket and if it doesnt go through your back to temping you big fat fucking loser diet....I mean really call it what you will, it is personal for everyone. Don't let me tell you what to call it. As long as you stick with the main tenant of said diet you'll be ok. Now, I have been trying to keep up the Pressure. Yelling at myself every morning, silently pressuirng myself to be the best, and of course, giving myself mixed messages so that I remain ever confused and frustrated cause I don't know exactly what to produce or how to act or what to say on a daily basis. these are all sure fire ways to watch your excess chub drop to the ground. Weight Watchers, no thanks....I'll take The "There's 8 other talented people who want this really badly and their willing to suck it up and do what it takes, and if you're not you can go suck balls" diet....maybe this is harsh, b ut it's the only way you'll do it. Showbiz is an ugly ugly process and though I am grateful and so excited for the future, believe me, the show is a dream come true in manyw ays, but what no one ever teaches you in college or perforing arts programs is that the amount of stress is truly momentus. AND it's a great weight loss program. Awesome. More later., Going home for passover. I'll post pictures this week. 3 days till cruise.


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