Sunday, April 30, 2006

mea culpa!!!

well well well. my incredible friend, megan, has set me straight. jello pudding pops STILL EXIST, yo!!!

if you google jello pudding pops and then click on the "ice cream locator" you can actually type in your zip code and find the closest jello pudding pop to you and then go get it and remember the good old days while you are just dying inside, but in a good way.


i was just talking to my mom and grandma about how hard it is to deal with losing weight and how will power is so hard to master and how not feeling inspired is so hard and how not being focused is so hard. and now this. i tell you, i just wanna go to my nearest jello pudding supplier and inhale 10 boxes through a crack pipe.

but i won't. maybe i'll just have a few this summer. everything in moderation. riiiight?

i think i'm gonna sign off today with,

!viva pudding pops!


Blogger meganjowilson said... communicating through the blog. I think you're the only one who reads it. I feel famous for being in yours.

And Y E S, you need to be here now. I'm about to walk intown for some margaritas, salsa verde, butter, bread, pueblo tacos (with pork and pork rinds in the mix) and a search for some attractive hombres to pretend to flirt with.

You are with me always...never appologize for missing a birthday. Who cares? You were there.


4:22 PM  
Blogger sean said...

You're both wonderful. And you're both wrong about each other being the only ones who read your respective blogs.

And I found those pudding pops, damnit! ME! I demand satisfaction.


1:41 PM  

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