Saturday, April 22, 2006

But I went to the gym.

I realized while on the Olivia cruise. Which was amazing. Me and Rach had the best time. We had A BLAST if you like. 7 days and night of fun, drinking and FOOD. THe god damned food.!!!!! I cannot go a day without thinking about my personal fat situation, and I am obsessed with my stomachs, chins, and stomachs and boobs on my back. It was fun to go on to the ports and see all the straight people from their cruises looking at us, and trying to figure out what exactly was going on. But when I think about how m uch we have and how appreciative we are of life and this aweosme vacation the other cruises can stick it. I have been on those cruises too. Though in some ways we're all the same. Believe me, The buffets, the formal nights, the drunk and disorderly conduct. ....It's all ALL the same. It's so funny. Now that I'm home, I miss the boat. I miss all the lez running around in all our glory. It's a sleepy rainy day here in NYC, and I am just thinking about all the highlights, and how badly I need to get in shape. This is how this refers to Tankini Dreams. After watching some of the FIT FIT FIT Lezzies on this trip...MAN, I have got some work to do. And I have to rememebr JUST because I go to the gym, does not mean I can eat 15 courses. The tide is turning again. I will take my 7 pound loss and double it. This is my solemn promise. I want to be healthy and fit. OH, and By June 28th. - My birthday, I will eradicate my smoking. YEs., I say that here Tankini Dreams. This Tankini Dremas is my promise. Again.

WOW.! We had the best time on the cruise. TANKINI highlights include.

Pringles and jellybeans at 2am

My personal record of 3 steaks in one day.

Doube Margaritas EVERY night.

24 hour room service. - which turned into a wake up call.

Salsa with Paula.

17 course meals, 4 times a day.

and yet, I just dont understand how I am still hanging on to a good 30 extra pounds... and I WENT to the gym everyday...BUt maybe going to the gym and overeating doesnt equal losing weight. Go figure.

MOre later. goin to take a nap. I should go to the gym. but it's raining. OH and SOapdish is on, Funny. THE movie with Whoopie GOldberg. I swear she's lez. BUt she's totally not. How is this possible? oh well. bed time.

In Tankini Dreams!


Blogger AKOKyldwmn said...

While I was screaming with laughter and just about peeing my pants, I noticed that the lezzy couple next to me did not crack a smile, clap....NOTHING, during your show on the Zuiderdam. Unbeleivable!! There's just not accounting for taste, or lack thereof. You are brilliant, hysterical, so politically incorrect that you're correct and I love you, I love you, I love you!

11:29 AM  
Blogger Wicked Wanda said...

Hey Julie!
You can go into your settings in the dashboard and change it so that you have to type in a verification word before you can comment. This will stop the unwanted sales comments.
I hate those things.
Take care,
Wicked Wanda

7:39 AM  

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