Friday, May 26, 2006

i gave in to dubs dubs.

i joined weight watchers. i did it. 3 weeks ago. and i've lost 3lbs. oh, and 2 ounces. julie has joined, too, but she'll tell you about what join means to her.

julie and i were walking down the street the other day and saw our friend lauren who told us that we were "disappearing". love it. yeah, those 3lbs have really shrunken me down to nothing. how i do not get blown away by the wind is beyond me.

but honestly, those 3 lbs are making me feel like a rockstar. like a sweaty, midrift bearing, lead singer. we've been working out, eating better, working out some more... yeah, me, i'm riding my bike like i'm frickin' training for the frauw de la freui. whatever it's called. some french bike race. i am riding around the park and everybody is passing me by, to tell you the truth, but i'm going at my comfortable pace feeling like i'm looking kinda fly girl with the wind swishing whistles past my ears.

the park is gorgeous. anyone who says you can't get nature in new york obviously hasn't been to prospect park. that place in more green than those pictures of ireland i've seen. it's amazing.

so the dubs dubs (short for double u double u-- WW) meetings are hilarious. my leader, or whatever she is, has a brooklyn accent they just don't make anymore. she has a bad knee but wears high heels. she hands out little star-stickers that say bravo on them when you tell her that you turned down a knish or didn't take seconds on the chicken. she is our cheerleader.

now, i'm not a real fan of cheerleaders especially when they are cheering ME on. i do not like to be talked to in a voice raised 3 octaves with the phrases:

you can do it!

believe in yourself!

good job!

atta girl!

today is the first day of the rest of your life!
(although that one has a good point, i hafta say.)

i like to be talked to like we are equals and we are both firmly planted on planet earth. but somehow our cheerleader leader doesn't bother me terribly. also, i realize it's my problem if she does. hating her would make it easier to quit.

the woman who weighs us in sounds like the daughter from "grey gardens". oh, mother dahhhrling!rent that right NOW if you have no idea what i'm talking about.

dubs dubs is a good program. it is not like AA for fat people, like i thought it would be. it's a little group support groupy but these women are kind and funny and honest and, dare i say it, brave.

3 lbs, baby! that is the most i've lost in a long time. so i'm gonna take my 3 lbs and shake shake what my mama gave me! shake shake my money maker! shake that booty, shake that ass! i can't wait to sit down and not have to make any decisions about my belly.

i think that's all i got for now. stay tuned. i'm feeling forward motion. finally.

oh. tour de france. that's what it's called. duh.

whole grains and chazzy,


Blogger sean said...

Ha! Your comedic timing is perfect, dee-ah. Peeerfect. And I totally already have Grey Gardens on my netflix queue. Didn't they make a musical out of that shit recently? Queue is a weird word.

8:41 PM  
Blogger meganjowilson said...

Oh surreal that Sean left a comment. Wow, I have a virtual circle of friends, yo. Strange and fave combo.

I'm telling you, dub dub is the way to go. I'm not really into the core program but counting points is the shit. I did it for a couple of months with my mom. We had THE BEST leader and then she suddenly bounced.

The following one was so lame I had to stop going. Plus, the meetings were too far away from home.

In any case, my first day of "counting points"I think I ate half an avocado and a loaf of bread and a million almonds and it was like 76 points. My mom was cracking up.

There is just something about having to stand on a scale every week that holds you accountable. You CANNOT do it on your own (I've tried). And fucking 2 ounces is like winning a marathon. So 3 pounds is huge. Fucking bravo star is right.

I miss you.

PS-You are my fave. And you are gorgeous. And I'm glad that Sean reads your blog. And I'm glad you wrote an entry.

We have soi much to talk about.


10:42 PM  
Blogger Wicked Wanda said...

Girl you crack me up!

We did dubs dubs too, last year. It really did work. It wasn't that hard either.

Fast forward 8 months and we fell off the wagon, so to speak. We changed meetings and we ended up not liking our new 'cheerleader' so we kind of stopped going.

We fell back into our old ways very quickly and we really need to get back on the program soon or we will have gained it ALL back. We've gained a lot of it back, but I don't think we are back to our original weight yet.

Good luck. It's great when you've got the right 'cheerleader'. I love the little rah rah sessions.

5:33 AM  

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