Monday, May 08, 2006

2 hot girls eating pizza. - another true listing

heres your hot girls. -- Again, this is a real ad. hot girls eating pizza. in bikinis. All I have to say is., Now that is Hilarious. Oh yes, Oh Internet comedy site, this bit is going to be so damn funny. Maybe next time you can get 2 hot girls to drink beer, then, you can get 2 hot girls to eat hot dogs, oooh wait, 2 hot girls, eating your cock. Oh I feel so much better now that it's notpornographic,it just suggests pornography which makes it ok to solicit women? I would respect it more if it was porn, at least they're honest about what they're doing. You sleazy, lecherous NOT FUNNY, scumbags. Love, Julie
Internet Comedy series needs 2 hot girls to eat pizza

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Date: 2006-05-08, 5:10PM EDT

A popular Internet comedy series is looking for two attractive girls for a brief role in an upcoming episode. The part will require each actor to appear in her underwear and eat pizza (no vegetarians please). This is NOT pornographic and there will be no nudity. Shooting should only take a few hours and will occur sometime over the next three weeks.

If interested please send an email to with a full body shot attached.


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