Thursday, June 15, 2006

hide behind the bling

i usually make sure to have earrings on when i leave the house. it's one of my vanities. used to have to leave the house with lip gloss but i've gotten better about that one.

i can leave the house easily in sweatpants and flip flops but it's the earrings i need. go figure.

today i left the house without earrings and i noticed three blocks away. i paused for a good minute thinking about what to do-- go back and get them? go on without them and challenge myself? stop at a store and get a cheap pair and then feel guilty about spending like an asshole?

i chose the second and went into my day, naked-eared and hoping that i wouldn't run into anyone i knew. and that made me ask myself, would anyone notice if i didn't have earrings on? would they see my face and feel like something was missing? would they feel that i was lacking that certain pizazz i always have in the form of dangling fake gold?

probably not.

i felt absolutely vulnerable without my earrings and i realized that i hide behind the bling.

and now two things are running through my head.

1) i am not wearing big earrings in the above picture which is kind of confusing. but whatevs.


2) this is so not deep.

and that's the point maybe. sometimes we drive ourselves crazy with things that are so unimportant.

i'd also like to mention that having a little tan makes me look a little thinner.

whole grains and chaz,


Blogger Y said...

It's funny how you are used to having something and forget feel naked..I always lose one earring.

5:05 PM  
Blogger meganjowilson said...

Toitally. Toitally. I'm stalking you via the world wide web. Just left a comment on MySpace and then it errored. Argh. Big jewelry is for big and beautiful women. Women with heart, courage and brains. Small jewelry is for hoimophoibs and thin plain Janes. No can do. How the fuck did you get a tan, by the by? I'm coming down a.s.a.p. Wrote 2 new songs yesterday. Desperate for harmonies.

6:36 PM  

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