Monday, September 25, 2006

butt nekkid

this is the uncencored trailer of the movie "shortbus", john cameron mitchell's new film which i was really stupidly lucky to be a part of. i did not get naked on camera though. i wasn't on camera at all. i've seen the film a handful of times now and each time i'm just blown away by the bravery of these actors. i've wondered a few times, had i met john earlier, like before he started casting, would i have been brave enough to be a part of it? the on screen part of it. the process they went through was amazing. took them all 3 years to get to the point of filming. there's a really good NY times article about the process. go to the times online and check it out. i told you i don't know how to embed links yet. although here's a video somehow. anyway, watch this and imagine your own bravery, not only being butt naked but dealing with sex and sexuality on a large screen for a jillion people to see. i have so much to say about this film-- brings up so many issues for me-- but i'll get into all that another time. for now, check it out. xoxo rachel


Blogger GoGo said...

Damn. I wanted to post anony. I'm looking forward to seeing this film. Living in the midwest, I suspect I'll get to it when it comes out on video...I currently have it in my netflix que 'cause my local independent v-store isn't gonna carry it.

liking the candid blog thing u got going on. Lets talk about fat, the y, and that sh!t polyester'd to our psychie. look forward to reading future review of shortbus.

Thanks for the read.

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