Wednesday, November 22, 2006

what happened to julie goldman?

i just want to remind the masses (all 4 or 5 of you?) that this is the blog of "2 bff chubby jews" and not just by one lonely chubby jew.

now, folks, let's not spend time feeling abandoned by our friend julie. she is busy becoming a superstar and just doesn't have time for us regular people. stop it, i'm just playing. i mean really. she's doing the best that she can. really, no, stop that crying. she'll be back.

actually, just to fill you in, julie has been spending a great deal of time at the gym and she's working her shit out. that's right. you heard me. she's busting ass.

last night i went to see her perform and i was sitting to the side of the stage and i'm telling you, she has truly reduced her body profile. i was almost inspired to do the same as i sat drinking my gin-n-lemonade and eating my steak sandwich.

honestly, i have to stop doing stupid shit. i mean, when it comes down to it, this shit is hard enough to do even if all you eat is green this and steamed that.

it's probably best to just stop making stupid decisions. or at the very least, go a few days without one.

hey, happy thanksgiving. eat whatever you want. thanksgiving is not about diets. it's about triptofan naps and antacids and warm oranges and browns on your plate and turkey sandwiches for a week.

as dave chappelle (call me) might say,
gobble gobble bitches.
xo rach


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