Sunday, January 14, 2007


I have a "BEFORE PICTURE" body, I have come to realize. I look in the mirror, and I say That's what my body looked like before. Only what I am looking at is what my body looks like now, except I know that under that layer of blub lies the body of a stallion, or just a real dykey soccer player. Whatever works for you. I do feel like I am and have been living in this "before" state for way too long. The times they are a changing, the wind it is a blowing, The shit it has a hit the a fan ah. I do not want to live in this "before" state any longer. I do not want to walk by The Citibank window and look at myself and go. Ew. It could be so much better. I have come to understand howveer there is no diet, there is no group, there is no pill, there is no Oprah. It must start with m e and Jesus of course. I desperately want to get to that most coveted "after" picture for once in my life. So, My New Year's Resolution is to get to the "after" I will take responsibility for my own ass and I will no longer live in yetserday and think about before, and I promise for my tankini dream to get to that after though now I need to deal with now. Me and Raychul both must get our shit together and deal with now. So, we ar eon the NOW Regimine. The Regimine of NOW. Oh I am tired. I am gonna go eat Chinese food.
Love Julie


Blogger Beth said...

Yeah, I am sooooo before. I trained for a Triathlon a few years ago, and as a result lost about 30 lbs, and everyone was like, OHHHH, you look so good, are you doing Weight Watchers? Are you on a diet? Then I stopped training, and gained about 45 lbs. Yeah. I'm sooooo before.

10:47 PM  
Blogger GoGo said...

Here, here for now.

I'm with you in the world of letting go of before and shaking off the residuals of ew.

Good luck. I'll keep reading!

3:11 AM  

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